Op-Solo, aka, Tavares Tee Lowery was born 12 Dec 1975 in Chicago, Illinois. At an early age, it was apparent Tavares would venture into a realm of music creation. The desire to hear musicians such as Bootsy Collins and Marvin Gaye substantiated such.

In 1986 at only 10 years old, Tavares heard a new type of MC named Rakim Allah on the single “I Got Soul.” This was the inspiration for young Op-Solo to start Mc’ing and writing. Over time, this skill would be honed and polished. Tavares’s original rap name was King T and later changed to Optimus Rhymez.

At the age of 17, Tavares entered the USAF. Optimus Rhymez love for hip hop would fluctuate for the next three years until the meeting with Patrick J. Wilcox. In the late spring of 1996, O. Rhymez was linked with Patrick Wilcox. It was Patrick’s love and desire for hip hop that rekindled O. Rhymez desire to once again reach for the pen.

Purgatory was formed that spring and later named three years later. O. Rhymez was later stationed in Panama Canal Zone Howard AFB, Panama in 1998. While stationed at Panama, O. Rhymez was accompanied by partner in Rhyme, Patrick and two others. Derrick Davis and the mystery mc, Seven with Purgatory formed a new rap group called the Lyrillistic Crooks.

This group would cypher and battle one another all the time. One epic battle/cypher culminated at the Dreams nightclub. The last went off, and O.Rhymez initiated a cypher that encompassed over 15 MCs. After 30 minutes of rhyming, Seven and O.Rhymez were the last MC’s standing. O. Rhymez departed for Key West and later transferred to Osan AB Korea, with Patrick. It was there the two formed the spark for the music group known as Andromeda.

O. Rhymez joined forces with another MC name Dony Adair aka, Heaven. These two formed the group called Heaven and Earth. These two were victorious over all competition during the weekly talent show. Heaven and Earth were also the progenitors of the Osan AB Sunday Social. This was a gathering of various MC’s dedicated to do one thing: spit over beats. Heaven and Earth reigned supreme over all MCs during the Social. Heaven and Earth desired to go by alias other than their known names.

Heaven went by the name Heaven-Skywalker, and O. Rhymez chose the name OP-SOLO, (the MC versions of Luke Skywalker and Han-Solo). It was at Korea AB where OP-Solo would hone his stage presence and performance skills. OP-Solo transferred to Shaw AB, SC with Patrick aka Conscience Rhyme.

It was there in late 2003, Purgatory released their debut album called the Incursion. In 2005, Op-Solo and C. Rhyme parted ways to only be reunified and reinforced by God two years later.

In 2007, Op-Solo was working on his debut solo gospel album, the “‘first epistle of Op-Solo”’. Op-Solo released this album in the summer of 2010. The album was critically acclaimed but did not receive sales. This was due to the decision Op-Solo made to distribute his album for free.

Op-Solo later appeared on C. Rhyme’s debut album “The Unauthorized Bio of Patrick J Wilcox”. C.Rhyme and Op-Solo decided it was time to start on a sophomore album called “Frame 313”. The two have dropped the first EP single called “U.S. (United Stance).” The song portrays and offers solutions to the harsh reality of police brutality and black on black crime in the USA.

Op-Solo is a devout Christian and a loving father, who is determined to use his name and his pen to inspire souls to a positive course within their lives and the universe…